Bagpipers - Minnesota - Twin Cities - Minneapolis - St. Paul Bag Piper pipers for weddings and events

Call us if you have questions or need more information 651-454-1124 extension 7

For Wedding Musicians or
und music at the reception background musicians and groups


Please mention the group ID # when calling us to check prices and availability of bagpipers
We have 4 pipers in the Minneapolis area
PLEASE CALL US at 651-454-1124 extension 7

NOTE: Prices vary depending on the date/time/location and other factors.

Bagpipers Pipers for wedding ceremonies are approximately 
$185.00-$250.00 depending on date/time/location/piper

Scott (bagpiper # 770)

Bill (bagpiper #588)

PLEASE CALL US at 651-454-1124 extension 7








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