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It's a Blast!  Like a mix of your favorite game shows all in one show!
TONS of participation and laughing!

Great interactive fun for corporate events and other parties
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This is so much interactive fun for the audience!

Watch the video clip here

(This clip is a bit older but the show is updated with new songs and fun interactive games)

This show features contestants selected from the audience using trivia and a variety of random ways to have them interact with the show and win prizes!

The “MC” , entertains throughout the show with wit, humor and personality keeping the show fun and entertaining.

Contestants are offered to trade up their prizes while on stage for what may seem like a gag gift, BUT little do they know that the gag gift contains movie tickets or a gift certificate to a local restaurant or CASH!

The show is 45-60 minutes with any additional prizes offered by way of drawing tickets to give the prizes away randomly.

Best to have this show on a small stage for visibility unless groups under 100
Lights included, Sound system included, 1 host and show assistant, music and FUN!

Purchaser supplies the prizes.  We have a gag gift ideas also but any dollar store usually will do.

Show is customized with trivia from your company for the trivia part.

It is a fast-paced, fun game show with a lot of contestants and prizes given away.

Some of the skits vary from “who has a comb that is not black in color”, dance contest, speaking another language, cartoon characters, name that tune and a lot more!

DJ show for dancing available after the game show (optional additional cost)

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